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Raising resilience with the RQi

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Build your team's wellbeing and resilience at work

Resilience Programmes

Empower your team with resilience skills to help people manage high pressure, rapid changes and adversity. Qualify as an RQi Resilience Practitioner, with a course accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as CPD.

Personal Development

Our courses will help you identify and apply personal strengths and skills to enhance work performance and improve career development. Workshops include Goal Setting for Success and Celebrate your Strengths.

Leadership Development

Our leadership courses, designed for people managers at all levels, include The New Leaders programme, Advanced Coaching Skills and Authentic Leadership. We also offer management qualifications accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Business Coaching

We work with small businesses both new and established, to help define their strategic plans, including mission, vision and corporate values. We also support SMEs in London in collaboration with the Mayor of London and the London Business Hub.

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Who's using the RQi?

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We offer training and coaching in areas such as employee engagement, resilience, team performance and leadership. Our courses are designed to enhance individual and organisational effectiveness at all levels.

Our range of Resilience Training, Business Coaching, Leadership Development and Personal Development programmes can help build your team’s wellbeing and resilience at work. Our expertise includes business coaching, employee wellbeing and resilience, team 

Building your team’s wellbeing and resilience at work has never been more important. Our programmes can improve your team’s wellbeing, help lower stress levels, reduce sickness absence and improve performance at work.

RQi™ is the ‘Resilience Quotient Inventory’, an evidence-based psychometric tool developed by business psychologists and industry experts here at Kirros Consulting. It’s the ONLY programme which measures a full range of factors that strengthen resilience and help personal development at work. The RQi™ measures beliefs, behaviours and environmental factors that are proven to protect people against stress and burnout. Users complete a secure online questionnaire and receive a 26- page report with personal scores and recommendations for building even greater resilience.

Our courses are based on science, including positive psychology, health psychology and behavioural science. From all these disciplines we use tools and techniques that are proven to work. Our latest research shows that when respondents are ranked according to their scores on key RQi™ sub-scales, people in the top quartile (i.e. most resilient) v. bottom quartile have 110% higher subjective wellbeing, 58% lower stress scores, 42% fewer sick days and 13% higher work performance.

Factors related to the individual are measured using the Resilience Quotient Inventory™ (RQi™) psychometric tool. This resilience training programme is based on a scientifically validated model of resilience: The Six Elements of Resilience. Based on over 4 years of research, the RQi™ provides a rapid and accurate measure of resilience for individuals and teams. It measures beliefs, behaviours, and environmental factors that enable people to cope well under stress and bounce back from adversity. (Org-RPQ™). Factors in the physical environment can be measured using the Environment and Wellbeing 360 Audit™ (EW360-Audit™).

We offer the best in class learning and development. Our programmes are designed to enhance individual and organisational effectiveness. We support development of frontline staff and leaders at all levels. We use blended-learning solutions including group workshops, one-to-one coaching, e-learning and action-learning.