About Us

We are a global consultancy specialising in employee wellbeing, resilience and performance. We design ground-breaking products, such as the Resilience Quotient Inventory™ (RQi™), the best-studied and most comprehensive resilience psychometric in the world.

Our products and services have helped over 10,000 people in 32 countries, in some of the world’s most successful organisations, including Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, and Imperial College London.

Our Kirros network

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    London HQ

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    Barcelona, Spain

    Lucerne, Switzerland

    Helsinki, Finland

  • USA

    New York, New York

    Denver, Colorado

    Indianapolis, Indiana

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    Wherever you are in the world, your company can benefit from our global network of Kirros certified Practitioners.

    Our global team all deliver our scientifically-validated Kirros workplace consultancy, training and coaching programmes.

    We also offer clients and independent consultants the opportunity to gain Practitioner accreditation, to deliver our workplace resilience and wellbeing training programmes. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

    Our Values

    As Kirros grows, having a strong company culture is important to us to ensure that we remain a robust team even while expanding. Our Kirros Values represent the heart of our culture. They embody who we are, what we believe in and what connects our team together. Our Kirros core values guide all aspects of our business as our daily benchmark for our clients and our employees.

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    Our Mission

    We are a global consultancy dedicated to enhancing employee wellbeing, resilience and performance. We design and deliver ground-breaking training solutions, including the RQi™, our scientifically proven programme which equips people with the skills to raise resilience and thrive.

    RQi = Resilience Quotient Inventory™

    Our Vision

    A world where people maximise their potential and thrive, both personally and professionally.

    Meet The Team

    Kirros HQ

    Matthew Critchlow, PhD

    Matthew Critchlow

    Founder and Managing Director, London, UK

    Christina Lewin-Smith

    Christina Lewin-Smith

    Business & Operations Lead, London, UK

    Kirros Consultants

    Jennifer Duckworth, UK

    Jennifer Duckworth

    RQi™ Practitioner, Associate Organisational Psychologist, UK

    Joanne Dunham, UK

    Joanne Dunham

    RQi™ Master Practitioner, Senior Training Associate, Executive Coach

    Kim Horwood, UK

    Kim Horwood

    RQi™ Practitioner, Senior Associate, Executive Coach

    Paddy Patterson, Manchester UK

    Paddy Patterson

    RQi™ Master Practitioner, Consultant, Manchester, UK

    Janeena Sims

    Janeena Sims, UK

    RQi™ Practitioner, Senior Training Associate, Integral Development Consultant and Coach

    Alison Squire, UK

    Alison Squire

    RQi™ Practitioner, Senior Associate Consultant, Executive Coach

    Ewan Stickley

    Ewan Stickley

    RQi Practitioner, Senior Training Associate, Executive Coach

    Our clients

    Our RQi™ Resilience, Corporate Training and Employee Wellbeing programmes have been supporting all areas of workplace wellbeing for 15 years.

    As a result, we’re trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands including Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson and Astra Zeneca.

    Our clients

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