Celebrate Your Strengths

One of the approaches we apply in all our training is Strengths-Based Development. This is about enabling people to identify, cultivate, and apply their strengths at work. The benefits are greater satisfaction and better performance at work. This course does just that.

Course Overview

Personal strengths (or natural talents) are patterns of behaviour, thoughts and feelings that energise people and support progress towards optimal performance. In this seminar we explain how to identify your strengths, how an apparent ‘weakness’ may actually be a strength in overdrive and how strengths can be applied in new and innovative ways at work. The benefits are greater work satisfaction and higher sustainable performance.


3-hour interactive seminar with pre-work. Participants complete a 15 min online questionnaire before the course.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to identify and utilise their strengths for higher performance and greater satisfaction at work.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this ocurse delegates will be able to

  1. Describe what a strength and the difference between strengths and skills
  2. Identify your own strengths with the Strengthscope® profiling tool
  3. Describe the concept of allowable weaknesses and limiting weaknesses
  4. Identify your strengths in overdrive
  5. Apply strengths in new situations at work to boost engagement and work satisfaction

Course Contents

  • What are strengths?
  • How to identify your own strengths using the Strengthscope® inventory
  • The difference between allowable weaknesses and limiting weaknesses
  • How to spot a strength in overdrive
  • How to control the controllable when your strengths go into overdrive
  • Identify new and innovative ways to apply your strengths

Pre-work and further learning

For best results, we recommend that all delegates complete the Strengthscope® profile before the course so we can provide accurate feedback on skills to supplement  the exrcises on the course. The Strengthscope® lists strengths in priority order and provides additional tailored development activities.

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  • Ewan Stickley, Senior Training Associate at Kirros, ICF-accredited Performance Coach, Therapeutic Counsellor and certified Strengthscope® practitioner.
  • Matthew Critchlow, PhD, Director of Kirros, Visiting Lecturer and Research Scientist at the University of Westminster