Building Personal Resilience


Please join us on this highly successful personal development course: Building Personal Resilience.

Places are available at the special discounted price of £145 (incl. VAT pp) with a FREE RQi resilience profile.

Date: 20 Jul
Time: 13:30 - 16:30
On:   WeWork, 10 York Road, Waterloo, London

On this course you'll take away practical skills to help you manage periods of high pressure, rapid change and uncertainty ... so you can thrive, even when the going gets tough.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the Six Elements of Resilience model
  • Identify your own stress symptoms and use practical techniques to minimise their negative impact
  • Identify your personal resilience strengths and development areas with the RQi™ resilience psychometric
  • Manage stressful thoughts with positive reframing and positive self-talk*
  • Boost your sense of purpose with Job Crafting

*Our approach to positive self-talk is based on the concept of Attributional Style developed by Martin Seligman and colleagues.


Resilience is the ability to manage and adapt positively to significant sources of stress, it’s bouncing back from adversity and growing as a person, even after difficult or traumatic experiences. Evidence shows that resilience is not a fixed characteristic; it’s something you can learn and strengthen over time. In this workshop, we show you how.

The techniques we demonstrate are taken from positive psychology (incl. PP 2.0), health psychology and behavioural science. This workshop comes with a detailed 30-page workbook and access to online learning resources.

Attendees also receive a free Resilience Quotient Inventory (RQi) Report, with scores compared to a sample population and personalised recommendations for building even greater resilience (worth £125 +VAT).

The RQi is trusted by some of the world's most successful organisations, including Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft and Imperial College London.


“This course was excellent … one of the best training courses I have attended in the last year. The trainer was brilliant and the additional bonus on the course was a Personalised Resilience Quotient Inventory Report for all delegates”.

Ruona Iguyovwe, Barrister, Crown Prosecution Association (CPS)