RQi™ Master Practitioner Course

The RQi Master Practitioner course is running on four dates from 06 - 27 Oct 2022 via video conference. To reserve your place (without obligation), use the Book Now button.

Who is this course for? RQi™ Practitioners who want to: (1) deliver group workshops on resilience and wellbeing using tried-and-tested materials and (2) use the RQi Team Report™.

Format: The first three sessions (run remotely) are 3 hours each; the last workshop runs from 09:30 - 16:30.

Special offer: We're offering a free place to all those who complete the RQi™ Practitioner course and purchase 10 RQi licences by Aug 2022.

Course Outline

This course is for certified RQi Practitioners who want to develop their skills further. On the Master Practitioner course you'll develop the skills to (1) deliver our group workshops on resilience and wellbeing using tried-and-tested materials and (2) work with the RQi Team Report™.

There are four sessions to attend, plus remote learning as follows:

1. Interactive Webinars

There are four weekly sessions to attend. The first three are 3 hours each, delivered remotely. During these sessions, the facilitator will deliver a selection of workshop modules, so you experience the content first hand.

2. One-day Workshop

The final one-day workshop is run either remotely or face-to-face depending on availability of participants. During the fourth session, you’ll deliver selected materials yourself to the rest of the group, with discussion and structured feedback.

3. Distance Learning

There are also remote learning exercises with the RQi Team Report™ demonstrating how to use the report to guide module selection for group workshops with teams. Lastly, there is a reading list with a mix of mandatory and optional articles.

Download the course details here:


Fee, Terms and Conditions: There is a maximum of 10 places available on a first-come, first-served basis. The standard fee is £1,500 + VAT per person. This includes the licence to use our group training materials, which include presentations, workbooks and trainer notes. 50% of the course fee is payable upfront at time of booking and 50% is payable 30 days after the group sessions. The attendance fee will only be refunded if notification of cancellation is received at least five working days before the course date. Download the full terms and conditions of an RQi Master Practitioner


Entry Requirements: Successful completion of the RQi™ Practitioner course.


This course is great and has really helped me win much bigger contracts. Thank you Kirros!

Learning & Development Professional, Manchester