Goal Setting For Success

Course Overview

In this workshop, we review the fundamental principles of goal setting. Delegates complete a wheel of life exercise and a job objectives review to help you identify the right goals. You'll then set meaningful and motivating goals using two powerful techniques: SMARTER and Well-Formed Outcomes. The techniques we demonstrate are based on performance coaching and the latest behavioural science.


2 ½-hour interactive seminar with a 30-page workbook.

Who should attend?

Those who would like to define their goals and use the latest behavioural science techniques to turn goals into reality.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course participants will be able to

  1. Describe the benefits of goal setting
  2. Complete a Wheel of Life exercise
  3. Identify the right personal and professional goals
  4. Design goals using two powerful techniques: SMARTER and Well-Formed Outcomes
  5. Apply the latest behavioural science to help turn goals into the reality

Course topics

  • The benefits of goal setting
  • How to choose the right goals with Wheel of Life and job review exercises
  • SMARTER goals and Well-Formed Outcomes
  • Discover how to turn goals into reality
  • Set an action plan that succeeds
  • Identify previously untapped resources
  • Apply the 7 rules of goal attainment


Matthew Critchlow, PhD, Director of Thrive and visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster.

Further Learning

Delegates receive a 30-page workbook with templates and exercises for ongoing personal development.