• 01 June 2023

University of Westminster funds PhD student to support RQi™

We're absolutely delighted the University of Westminster (UW) has secured funding for a three-year PhD student to help develop a student version of the RQi™, to be called the s-RQi™.

This further strengthens the long-standing and highly successful partnership between UW and Kirros. The University will not only provide research expertise, but also commercial support for the s-RQi™ through the UW business develoment team.

Michelle Smorfit, currently completing her Masters degree at UW, has accepted the PhD studentship starting in Sept 2023. Michelle's research will dovetail into existing research in which we are editing and/or adding items in the following Elements: Purpose & Fulfilment (especially Work Engagement), Avoidance Strategies (Distraction) and Managing Physiology (Physical Practices).

The new scale for Nature Connectedness will also be integrated into the s-RQi™.

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