SME Business Coaching


All good business starts with a strategic plan. We can guide you through the optimal process, demonstrating how to use analytical tools such as SWOT and PESTLE, establish strategic objectives and identify the best performance metrics for your business. Whether you want to Find Your Why, decide what business you're actually in, or work-out your core values, we can help you.

SME Business Coaching

We work with micro businesses and SMEs to define the optimal strategic plan. We demonstrate how to apply tools such as SWOT and PESTLE and methodologies like Find Your Why (Simon Sineck), the Entrepreneurial Operating System and classical Balanced Score Card approaches.

We apply the principles of performance coaching and strengths-based development in everything we do. That means guiding not instructing. We get to undertstand your business and work as true partners.

All of our small business consultants have years of experience working in blue-chip organisations and they've all managed small businesses themselves.