Train as an RQi™ Resilience Coach: Webinar


Learn about qualifying as an RQi™ Resilience coach for workplace wellbeing, in our free introductory webinar.

Date:  9 Jun 2022
Time: 4pm - 5.30pm
On:     Zoom

Become a certified RQi™ Resilience Practitioner.

RQi. The most comprehensive workplace resilience programme in the world.

Please join our free webinar to learn about the RQi™ Resilience tool, the and the benefits of becoming a certified RQiResilience Practitioner. This session is for independent coaches and consultants with an interest in promoting resilience in the workplace.

The RQi is the Resilience Quotient Inventory. It's a fully validated online psychometric tool that provides a detailed measure of resilience for individuals and teams. It measures beliefs, behaviours and environmental factors that enable people to cope well under stress and bounce back from adversity.

The RQi Report comes with individual scores and tailored recommendations for building greater resilience. Launched in 2016, the RQi is being used by employees at all levels in high profile organisations such as Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson and McDonalds.

Dr Matthew Critchlow, MD of Kirros and co-developer of the RQi, will talk about the development of the RQi and what's involved in training to become an RQi Practitioner, with Q&A at the end.

Download the RQi Practitioner brochure here: